Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Ehrle Pressure washers
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Thanks to its powerful diesel engine, our range of hot water high-pressure trailer cleaners constantly delivers spotless cleaning results even without electricity. Our high pressure cleaning units, professional washing machines that combine the power of pressurized water with the sanitizing action of hot water and steam, allowing cleaning operations without the use of detergents and chemical additives. A solution that improves the quality and working conditions of operators, respecting the environment and reducing intervention costs.
Example applications include construction sites, industry or the municipal sector. Alongside maximum mobility and flexibility, the reliable machine also impresses with its exemplary efficiency. These trailer systems also scores top marks for ease of servicing and operating comfort. The machine can be configured as required and can therefore be perfectly adapted to individual requests.

Water tank options from 200-1000 litres ensures a trailer that covers every application.




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