Columbus Vehicle Wash Recycling

National Construction College


This project had the full focus of our technical team. The object was to deal with high levels of mud and clay and deal with no output to foul, not even for rainwater!  Supply vehicle wash and water recycling system to clean JCB excavator equipment.The system was housed in a 40ft container a Bespoke wash area with hose reel, on/off remote for hot water pressure washer with gun & Lance for washing all shapes and sizes of JCB equipment!


This particular site required  a closed loop system due to no access to any type of connection to foul/sewer.
Our technical team at no extra cost to the client designed the system to accommodate this and also making sure it  fell in line with local regulations. Huge amounts of mud and clay from the equipment were also  accommodated within the process and an average yearly  water consumption saving of   approximately  85% was generated.