Columbus Vehicle Wash Recycling

DFDS Immingham

 Multi vehicle wash bay with water recycling  to cope with high volumes of waste water.

DFDS Immingham Port approached us looking for a new multi-user vehicle wash system for cleaning cars and vans while also offering a solution to their high water usage and high levels of waste water discharge, after conducting a free site assessment we advised them we could reduce car wash water usage by around 90% and also eliminate the dirty, oily waste water being discharged from the site in Immingham.

To carry out this promise we would install a new hot and cold water multi user jet wash system coupled to a Wasserschmidt Biological Waste Water Treatment System using it’s patented Bio Classic system to treat the waste water to remove all of the debris, dirt and oil from the waste water meaning the water can be re-used through the wash system again and again cutting the cost per wash by approximately 90% meaning a very quick return on the investment while also massively reducing the impact they are having on the environment.