Columbus Vehicle Wash Recycling

CAT Project at Renault Teesport


This was our very first car wash water recycling / vehicle wash water recycling system install project , Cat logistics reached out to us to see if we could reduce the wash time for each vehicle and reduce the amount of specialist TFR chemical that was being used to remove the wax protection applied by Renault France for the transportation of new cars and commercial vans. Now this wasn’t the normal the normal sustainable water treatment solutions system that the Wasserschmidt woulds supply as CAT Teesport in Middlesbrough wanted a bespoke chemical recovery system which we were only to happy to help with as where there is a problem we can always supply a solution.

 The solution we offered was the install of a hot water mobile and static pressure washers, foam arch wash, drying arch  & then followed on by a water recycling system which focused on reusing the specialist TFR chemical for washing Renault vehicles .

When we followed up with CAT Teesport in Middlesbrough after 12 months they were so impressed with the waste water recycle system we had installed they recommended us to there other two site located in Southampton and Machelan, Also informing us that the cost saving had surpassed all expectations and that they had reached there breakeven point inside the first 12 months of operating the wash system.