Columbus Vehicle Wash Recycling

CAT Renault Southampton

Increase the number of vehicles being washed and significantly reduce cost per vehicle wash.


Cat Southampton contacted us after there sister site in Teessport Middlesbrough recommended they get in touch with us as they were so pleased with the cost savings they were achieving with the car wash recycling system we had installed for them.


Cat Southampton faced a lot of the same problems that there Teesside site faced only on a bigger scale as they were cleaning on average 500 vehicles a day !! The first thing we did was to designed a bespoke car wash system with the use of a combination of some existing and new high pressure jet wash machines which we coupled to new rinse arches and dryer system to increase efficiency. Our Wasserschmidt technical team also designed sustainable water treatment solutions to recapture and recycle the expensive Deprimental (TFR) chemical that was used to remove the protective wax on each vehicle resulting in a huge cost per vehicle saving in the wash process while also preventing the environmental effects of discharging large amounts of chemical in there waste water.