Columbus Vehicle Wash Recycling


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are regulary using water to wash vehicles, trains or heavy plant with high pressure cleaners it is likely a water recycling system will benefit your business.

We cover all areas of mainland UK including Darlington Co Durham , North East , Teesside and Newcastle Upon Tyne Please call one of our water recycling specialist to discuss if we think we have a system that would be suitable 01325 371439

If you are washing cars, vans,trucks,busses or heavy plant equipment in the UK with high pressure cleaners please call one of our water recycling team on 01325 371439

A water recycling system will completely avoid waster water discharge penalties for all types of vehecile wash facilities

Our team of experienced engineers will install the system, all projects are managed by our technical team with detailed drawings and highly experienced engineers to ensure a smooth and easy installation anywhere in the Uk

Our water recycling systems will reduce water consumption by up to 95% , guaranteed to avoid waste water discharge to foul and are 100 % tax efficient